Knowing When a Fiber-Based Laser Marking Machine Might Make Sense

Many business owners have by now discovered the value that a laser-based cutting and engraving machine can add. Typically based on a technology that revolves around the use of tubes filled with carbon dioxide and other gases, these affordable devices can help smaller companies keep up with much larger competitors.

It can also pay to look into even more advanced types of laser technology and equipment. As a survey of the information at will show, purchasing a fiber laser marker can be an excellent move for a smaller or mid-size business, as well. Making use of an entirely different laser-producing technology, this type of equipment offers benefits that tube-based machines do not.

A More Appropriate Type of Laser for Many Use Cases

The laser cutters and engravers that have become so popular with smaller businesses afford an appealing level of functionality at entirely reasonable prices. Laser machines that are based on fiber-optics instead of gas-filled tubes, on the other hand, can raise the bar with regard to:

Focus. Producing a laser beam with the use of an appropriately designed fiber-optic element allows for a far finer level of focus than does relying on laser tubes. In some cases, orders of magnitude more precision can be enabled simply by switching to this technology. That frequently makes fiber-based laser machines highly suitable for such tasks as inscribing bar codes, serial numbers, and other detailed marks on products.

Efficiency. Compared to a tube-based laser machine, a fiber marker will typically use far less power, as well. Whereas a tube rated for sixty watts of power draw might be needed for a particular engraving job, a fiber-based machine of only a third that rating could easily be just as capable. Lower power requirements help keep ongoing costs down, even if a larger initial investment might be needed to achieve that.

A Productive Addition to Many Workshops and Production Lines Today

While machines of this general design are not well suited to the kinds of cutting work that tube-based devices are often used for, they excel at marking and engraving. As a result, it will often make a good deal of sense to look into such options when this type of output is required.


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